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Scott Robertson Auctioneers
August 22, 2011

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The Eventful Company owns AuctionMaestro Software, through MaestroSoft, which is the Premier Provider of Event Management Software in the Country. AuctionMaestro offers the most comprehensive Event Management solution for the not-for-profit consumer. Our clients have the distinct advantage of attaining a one-year license to use this software for a very nominal fee.

AuctionMaestro event management software has been the best, most efficient program we have used for our clients. After much research, The Eventful Company found that this software has the widest array of options and capabilities for event management. Because we purchased use of this software and have gained many years of experience in the program, we are able to create a very proficient system and environment for all of our clients.

The AuctionMaestro product line empowers our clients to handle everything from in-person events to online auctions and bidding by cell phone. To learn more about the AuctionMaestro suite of products, please click the link below.

The Eventful Company will be pleased to present an AuctionMaestro demo to you and your organization so you can determine if this is a great fit for your organization’s event.

How We Utilize AuctionMaestro for Our Clients

Although AuctionMaestro has a seemingly endless list of options and benefits for our clients, the following are some of the most beneficial features to our clients.

Before the Event

Before any given fundraising event, AuctionMaestro assists our company and our clients in many ways. We typically use the program for the following actions prior to the event:

  • Auction Item Management
  • Attendee Management
  • Table Seating Management
  • Bid Sheet Creation
  • Budget and Expense Tracking

These capabilities allow us to enter all of the information of your guests, auction items, table seating set-up, and much more, before the event even begins. This means that when the event does start, everything will be set up and ready. This creates a smooth, professional, and very organized atmosphere.

At the Event

At the fundraising event itself, The Eventful Company often uses AuctionMaestro for the following actions:

  • qCheck Check-In and Out
  • Free Card Reader Rental
  • Auction Management
  • Purchase Management
  • Track Winning Bidders
  •         Text2Bid Mobile Bidding (Click here for a demo)


Our company has a very organized and productive system in place, thanks to our use of MaestroSoft’s AuctionMaestro software. We are able to check all of our client’s guests in and out quickly, and manage every event purchase in real time. Although these are our most typical uses of AuctionMaestro’s program during the event, we can almost always accommodate any other client request through AuctionMaestro.

After the Event

After the event, AuctionMaestro offers some additional actions that we find very useful:

  • Auction Statistics
  • 270+ Progress and Analytics Reports

These are just a couple of the cumulative ways AuctionMaestro allows clients to see how much money was raised, and what auction items sell well during an event. These are incredibly helpful in planning our clients’ next events.

To learn more about MaestroSoft and the features it offers, check out the video below: